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What is HotelCity?

Posted on Mar 12, 2016 by in Project Notes | 0 comments

HotelCity is the first project produced with CinemaMutation software. It is an interactive film/installation, which visitors explore on their own, uncovering the story as they examine the room, artifacts, audio, video and the film itself.


Collaboration with: François-Xavier Rouyer, Frederick Pierre Saget, Hervé Coqueret

Project Website:



Description (text by FX Royer)
Hotel City is a trans-disciplinary artwork based on the CinemaMutation software that combines theatre, film and the visual arts. The spectator enters a dark and abandoned surveillance room full of display screens, maps, printers, books, evidence and clues of a dismantled fiction including 35 movie sequences. Wandering through the installation, the spectator pieces together the story. The narrative revolves around a group of young people living in a non-specific occidental city, maybe all involved in a mysterious plot, maybe not. Sequences change meaning when viewed from a different point of view, causing the spectator to constantly renew his vision as the deck of fiction shuffles.


Artist Statement (text by FX Royer)
Hotel City is part of a research programme that aims to create connections between art and science. For this project I worked with researcher and digital scenographer Andrew Sempere, movie editor Frederic-Pierre Saget and visual artist Hervé Coqueret. Hotel City is the result of our interrogations concerning cinema that can be downloaded, streamed, uploaded and discussed live; cinema without the character of the Saturday Night séance. A cinema torn to pieces but still alive. Hotel City is a hypothesis on what the art form will become.

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